Caroline Wozniacki nude/naked…

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… almost! Gotcha! Sorry we had to lure you in with such a title, but now that you’re here, we do have some really great “almost naked” photos of Caroline Wozniacki for you, and we bet you don’t want to leave before you have scrolled down to check them out.

At the moment, her tennis career is currently not as hot as she is. Miss Sunshine, as they tend to call her in The States, was the worlds best female tennis player last year, being number 1 on the list, but here in 2012 she has dropped to number 9. Funny enough, it seems her tennis results started going downhill when the public started to learn about her relationship with US golfer Rory McIlroy.

Thanks to JBS and their new “Caroline Wozniacki in underwear” photos, it’s no longer only Rory who can see Wozniacki in less clothes, now the whole world can. Actually, everybody got a glimpse of her 2-3 years ago when some “paparazzi” shot Caroline in a bikini, and sunbathing topless, during  her Mauritius vacation.

Now, to the photos…

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  1. I am a great fan of Caroline. She is witty and very beautiful as well. She dominates the audience mostly guys in her games. She is also a talented sports woman. She has gained records and respect worldwide.

    • I think you too, Linda you are also witty as well as Caroline, at least according to my eyes. Me in Jakarta wanna knowing you. Thanks – PRIMA

      Prima Darma
  2. She’s at her most beautiful when she’s playing.

  3. She is just so sexy in every way i could marry her no worries iam a huge fan of her she is the best tennis player isn’t she!

  4. Caroline is cute and fun and a very good tennis player……but she is not the best tennis player in the world….that is why her ranking is number 10….which is still great. Just not number one. If you talk the entire package of tennis, personality, looks, and smarts…. well then she may well be number one!!!!!


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