Diablo III – open beta thoughts

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So the Diablo III open beta weekend is coming to an end – and I, like so many others, got to play.
Although I’m not the avid gamer I used too be, this was a chance I couldn’t pass up.

First off, I had a heck of a time getting in at all. But I guess that would be expected, I have no idea how many were trying to play, but given Blizzards reputation and the many many years we have been anciously awaiting Diablo III, I bet hoardes of players were doing theyre very best repeated spam attempts at logging in. I never did manage to login in friday, but lucky for me I’m an early riser and 06:30 saturday I was logged in and ready to rock. I managed to play a few hours before other duties called.

To start off with the whole “unable to login” part, it’s my worst nightmares come true. Diablo III is excused mind you, this was a beta after all. But I couldn’t help but think about alot of the new games coming out, wether for consoles or PC, a lot of them require an active internet connection and a login of sorts. Even though they may be single player games. I understand the need to try and control piracy, but requiring an active internet connection just doesnt seem the answer. Why would I want to login just so I can play alone? What if the game servers are down?
In my mind, this only invites more piracy, to work around all their neat “we’re-watching-you” gimmicks… what do you think?

Anyway, back to the game.

I got logged in and was immediately lost in the world of Blizzard, thrilled to finally see Diablo again. And MAN was I psyched when I heard the voice of Deckard Cain, it’s precisely as I remember it from Diablo II. I’m not sure why I was psyched actually, but that just rocked my world. Must be fond old memories doing the trick.

I picked a wizard, knowing I would only have time for 1 character and mages/wizards are usually my thing.
The wizard itself was mighty fine, but I’m still trying to figure out what I think about the skills and talents solution. It seemed awfully simple, I’m hoping that, with more game time, things will spice up. I’m happy to find that it’s not necessary to read 10+ forums to best your class, but at the same time I kept hoping for more. Talents, twists and more influence on my spells, but alas, it didn’t appear (at least, not in this beta). But I have faith, that blizzard won’t let me down when I get cracking at the full game.

Played the game through and was pretty satisfied, it’s what I expected from a Diablo game. I actually quite liked the multiplayer options provided.
It was a bit unclear to me just how the multiplayer parts influenced my single player version, but I didn’t really worry too much about it, this being a short lived beta after all. Though I have to say I found it extremely cool that loot (when playing multiplayer) was not something that was to be rolled upon and cash wasn’t just about getting to the gold drops first. Made for a much more relaxing gameplay, cuts down on the bickering too.

I checked the auction house just briefly, having heard so much about being able to buy stuff for real money.
I’m still undecided at that point, real money influence certainly doesn’t do wonders for warcraft (captivated me for 6 years straight). But seeing as how the whole real-money thing is built-in mechanic now, it just might work. Heck, I might even come to like it. I don’t have the time of a teenager anymore, but I do have a credit card with which to buy stuff. Who knows?

Next thing I wondered about was Hardcore mode, how an auction house with real money would influence my perm-death character. Well that worry was put too shame, in hardcore mode you don’t get to buy stuff for real money. Which goes to make it even more hardcore – win!

My PC isn’t updated any time recently, still has an i3 processor and an old Radeon 5770 gfx card. Have no idea how that ATI devil snuck it’s way inside, I’m usually an nvidia guy. Either way, game ran smoothly. Not at full details of course and I was undoubtly missing out on some neat spell casting eye candy but it did run smoothly. Noticed a quirky thing about the sound though. It defaulted to “low” (number of channels), if I turned it up it really took its toll on the processor, more then I would have expected anyway. Probally working as intended but it caught me by suprise.

Anyway, this rambling has probally been going on long enough :)
D3 rocked and I can’t wait to see it out in it’s full form!


p.s. did you find the blacksmith?
He can make all kinds of cool stuff for you, provided you spend a buttload of money on him.

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